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Competent Trainers from Industry

We have competent trainers from tech industry having years of experience in a variety of technologies. Get yourself equipped with latest in-demand technical skills under expert guidance.

Advanced Training plans

Our training plans are customized according to industrial requirement. We do not believe in instilling generic content to our candidates, we rather train them according to industrial requirement.

1-month free coworking opportunity for startups

We offer our candidates to co-work with us for a month if they have their tech startups and get 1-month free coworking opportunity, consultation from our experts, opportunity to meet people from the industry and lots more.

Networking opportunity

Our candidates get to meet popular people from the industry and able to build their network of successful people around them.

Opportunity of job placement

We not only train our candidates but also help them getting their dream job by connecting them HR heads of tech companies.

Soft skills development

CodeWroking does not merely advances your technical skills, we also provide you training on soft skills development as it plays a vital role in your professional life.



In today’s competitive industry, holistic solutions are the only key to success. Implementing a combination of IoT, Machine Learning and AI is vital for building potential capabilities and innovation. Smart Startups program by CodeWorking brings together industry experts, platform solutions and research to help transform your IoT vision into reality. All these exponential technologies are turning IoT insights into new business models, strategies and processes.

Smart Startups offers smart IoT solutions to the startups struggling with financial constraints. Our IoT experts have technology and cost optimization solutions for you that can help you improve insights, boost efficiency and improve your capital.


As changes in IT industry have speeded up, it has become crucial for people to master the technology to be productive and grow the companies of their own. The purpose of Code-working is to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers through High Employability Training and personal development. The combined training of personal and professional skills empowers our apprentices to live and work maturely in a competitive and rapidly changing social and industrial environment. is designed for Trainers, Newbies and Seasoned Professionals to Train the Teams and also CoWork to Develop Products & Ventures. With our rigorous programs integrated process, we make sure that you get highly employable and ready to face the Market. Codeworking not only train individuals for IT industry but also provide hands on experience during its High Employability Acquisition Training program. This lets the people start their career with great confidence.


Aizaz Amjad

It was a wonderful learning experience. Our instructor Sir Nouman Maqsood is a professional developer, learning straight from a professional is added advantage, where you can take insights about market trends. He explains every concept with clarity. The resources provided are really helpful when you ever need a refresher.

Last but not the least, Code working is a learning platform by Apps geni technologies. You’ll be introduced with top industry leaders through out this course and at the end, but with any good course, at the end burden lies on shoulders of trainee, Because in order to be perfect in your craft, you’ll need practice during the course and afterwards. Good luck to Code working for producing quality resources for software market.

Good News is after completing this course, I got job as a MERN Full stack developer.

Abdul Basit

It was a life changing experience. Many other friends told me that you wont be able to switch to MERN stack but Noman bhai made it very easy for me to learn and implement. After going through this workshop I have already got some exciting and big project using freelance platforms. So cant be more happy and satisfied with this course.

There are few suggestion that we should stick to timings and implement it as per course outline. Although I understand there are some sudden changes which we cant ignore.

Altaf Hussain

To take part in this training turned out to be the best decision for me. Not only I learned MERN stack, but also got knowledge about how to manage teams, project planning and also how to start your own business in the freelancing world.


ABOUT US is designed for Trainers, Newbies and Seasoned Professionals to Train the Teams and also CoWork to Develop Products & Ventures. With our rigorous programs integrated process, we make sure that you get highly employable and ready to face the Market.

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At Codeworking, we are dedicated to provide our apprentices with a high quality professional experience – leading to an inspiring and lucrative career under the directions of top trainers from the industry having years of experience in their domains.


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